10 Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

kitchen cabinet ideas
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Kitchen Cabinets ideas

Here we will give you 10 Kitchen cabinets ideas for both large and small kitchens, cabinets may occupy a central position.

After all, they are the biggest element in the room. Replacing cabinets may seem daunting, but you can make some simple changes to improve them.

If you are going to make a cabinet renovation, then you have come to the right place. Get rid of your DIY toolbox, we have several ways to change cabinets to fall in love with your kitchen.

Maybe you need more than just some simple skills to improve the appearance of your cabinets.

If this is the case, please contact a kitchen renovation professional immediately to get four free quotes from contractors in your area.

1. Kitchen cabinet renovation

Some cabinets require more than just painting. If you find more wear on the cabinet, you may want to consider refinishing it.

This will change the appearance of all outward-facing parts of the cabinet.

The cost of replacing a cabinet is about half that of replacing a cabinet, and the reported average cost is $7k.

2. Painted kitchen cabinets

If you want to change the appearance of the cabinet without installing a new cabinet, you can solve these problems.

Although it is important to consider the cost of painting, you can save money by painting yourself.

To learn how to solve this DIY project, read the best way to paint kitchen cabinets.

3. Cabinet lighting

You may forget the useful space under the cabinets, but if you want to highlight the unique features of the kitchen, then this is an ideal choice.

Although some lighting options require professionals to use, stick-on LED lights can be used to complete simple DIY under-cabinet lighting.

Just remove the adhesive and lay the lighting track along the bottom of the cabinet.

This not only highlights your beautiful cabinets and backsplashes, but it is also very helpful to add extra light when cooking.

4. Replace cabinet knobs

Part of the kitchen cabinet ideas; Just replace the cabinet hardware, you can quickly update any kitchen.

You will be surprised by the changes it brings.

This DIY project will take several hours to complete.

If you choose new hardware, make sure it fits your existing hardware. Otherwise, you may need to allocate time to install another hole for the cabinet hardware to avoid exposing the original hole.

5. Install the push frame

If you are like me, the organization of the cabinet will be a big challenge. Many times, I find that I need to push the lid far away from the cabinet. I have to delete every item to get it.

However, the solution is easy to do it yourself.

With shelves, you can say goodbye to lost items and cluttered cabinets.

You can get the kit from your local hardware store, which provides specific installation instructions.

You need to take all the measurements and then decide which type of push-out rack to look for.

The function of the traditional shelf is a bit like a shallow drawer, very suitable for pots and pans.

Although launching a wire mesh basket may be exactly what your kitchen needs a lid or small container.

6. Add door storage

For kitchen cabinets, storage always seems to be a common problem. However, few of us would want to use the available space on the cabinet door. The hook is easy and can be organized instantly for various lids. For smaller items that seem to be out of place, screw a small plastic or wire basket to the back of the door. These options are endless and can be customized according to your needs.

7. Install the drawer manager

If you are tired of finding the kind of utensil you need, the drawer organizer can help you.

Just find three to four small wooden blocks and sizes in your cabinet or drawer.

Before arranging utensils or other small objects, please paste them with wood glue and wait for them to dry.

8. Chalkboard paint The watchmaker is very happy!

Now you will have a list space that you will never forget.

By applying chalkboard paint to the inside of the cabinet door, you can now quickly write down notes and groceries that you might forget.

This is a good idea for any cabinet that stores dry food. You can easily record it as you use it so you know when to replenish the inventory.

This project can be completed with a little time and some blackboard paint.

Before writing, make sure that the paint is completely dry.

9. Add shelf liner

Before the last kitchen cabinets ideas, we have this: Give some TLC in your cupboard. Cabinet lining helps protect the finish of the cabinet and improve the appearance.

There are many styles of shelf liners.

You can choose a simple white, or you can introduce new patterns in the kitchen.

They are also easy to clean if you tend to accumulate any spills or debris on the shelf. This DIY project may take several hours to complete, depending on the number of shelves to be lined and the adhesive selected.

10.Wallpaper cabinet door

Wallpaper is no longer limited to walls. The latest trends indicate that the layout of the kitchen is very hot.

One way to easily get the appearance is to use wallpaper.

If you are unwilling to try something bold, then this might be a good starting point.

Removable wallpaper works best here, so you won’t damage the kitchen cabinets.

I like the look of the wallpaper in the middle of the cabinet trim.

This DIY project encourages creativity!


Your kitchen cabinets provide you with the opportunity to get the look of your dream kitchen without a price tag. Spend a few hours and love DIY, you can easily upgrade the kitchen cabinets.

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